Bilberry Liqueur

Bilberry Liqueur

25 % Vol. 0.35 L

A genuine fruit juice liqueur and a sensual experience!

This delicious fruit juice liquor is made of mature, hand-picked blueberries. Its fine, mild scent and velvety berry aroma will please your palate and nose, and its luscious colour is an absolute treat for your eyes.

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  • Weight: 0.75 kg
  • Filling quantity: 0.35 lt
  • Alcohol content: 25 %
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Insider Tip

One shot Bilberry Liqueur brings heavenly joy to many a dessert!

About the Bilberry Liqueur

Only fully ripe bilberries are pressed to fruit juice and then cautiously mixed together with alcohol and a little sugar. That’s how this delicious fruit juice liqueur is made. Its fine, mild aroma in combination with that mellow berry aroma enchants nose and palate – and the eyes treasure the gloriously luscious color, too!


To gather interesting information on bilberries have a look into the lexicon.

Tip for connoisseurs

1 shot Bilberry Liqueur brings heavenly joy to many a dessert!

Order online: bilberry fruit likeur from Tyrol!


About bilberries

The bilberry (lat. “vaccinium myrtillus”) has many names, for example, blueberry, blackberry and wild berry, forest berry, cranberry, and others that distinguish between low-bush and high-bush berries. Blueberries grow mostly in the mild and northerly zones of Eurasia, from the plains to high up in the mountains – they love fresh deciduous and needle forests, moors and mountain heaths. Blueberry bushes suffer in late frost, however, under a snow blanket they feel protected up to an altitude of 2350 m in Tyrolean pine tree and mountain spruce forests.


The summer-green dwarf shrub (only about 10-60 cm high), blossoms from April/May onwards and from July until mid September carries its black-blue fruits, which turn blue-gray when they are ripe. In winter, the green shoots of the shrubs provide vital nourishment to the animals: the fruits are adored by foxes and the wood grouse, since other tree and bush fruits are mostly too high to reach for them.


While enjoying raw bilberries, the mouth and teeth receive a typical blue coloring, which is however temporary – simply bite into a slice of lemon and the teeth and tongue have their color back in a jiffy! The same applies to blueberry stains on clothing: treat it immediately with lemon juice, and the stain is removed later on during normal washing!



The bilberry harvest in Tirol

The bilberry harvest in the mountains is very exhausting and is not without danger, because the blueberry groves are mostly to be found in strongly overgrown, impassable terrain and secure footing and constant caution is a prerequisite for the safety of the harvesters. The harvest is complicated even further, in that the berries ripen individually over a period of time causing ripe and green berries to appear next to each other on a branch all the time. In good production years, the collectors are capable of collecting up to 1 kg of blueberries per hour with the aid of a so-called blueberry comb, or rake. This tool, consisting of a container with attached comb, makes the harvesting a bit easier: one rakes over the blueberry bush and the berries end up in the container. Afterwards they are carefully selected and leaves, needles and smaller pieces of wood are removed, before being washed and pressed.

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Since more than 100 years we at the Tyrolean herb liquer distillery have been creating genuine Tyrolean specialties with love and care. At the heart of this are agricultural traditions and the country which surrounds us. We distill only sun-ripened fruits, hand-picked herbs and roots and the finest Tyrolean mountain water into the finest 'Edelbrand' brandies and most delicious spirits.

The beloved glacier ice and all other Fire & Ice Liquers have long been recognized as classic spirits, ones to be found nowhere else. The original Tyrolean 'Jagatee' rum tea, the outstanding 'Farmer's Bitter' and the classic fruit schnapps are only some of our genuine Tyrolean originals. By purchasing from the Tirolean herbal liqueur distillery you are not only gaining an honest and genuine slice of Tirol. You are also helping agricultural societies and traditional methods to survive.

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