Gentian Schnapps

Gentian Schnapps

40 % Vol. 0.35 L

Tyrolean distillation at its absolute best.

The strong aromas, the intense character combined with the rustic smell of tobacco and hay flowers of the Tyrolean Mountain Gentian Schnapps are captured after cautious fermentation and distillation of the roots of the yellow Gentian. The pure Gentian distillate is stored for at least two more years of gentle maturation before being bottled.

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  • Alcohol content: 40 %
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Insider Tip

This fine gentian schnapps best releases its unique aroma when served in a tulip-shaped brandy glass at a drinking temperature of between 16 and 20°C!

More about the Gentian Schnapps from Tyrol

From May until September, the Tyrolean Alpine meadows are sprinkled with Gentian blossoms in a wide variety of blue shades. Although some types of this typical Alpine flower also blossom in white and yellow, the pure blue colors of the many Gentian types, a rarity in nature, explain why the Gentian is a symbol of fidelity.


For distillation purposes of the Gentian Schnapps, especially the yellow Gentian plants are used, which are to be found in the Alps at an altitude as high as 2,500 m. The strong and persistent plants are very slow growers and blossom only after ten years, but can reach 40-60 years of age.


You find more about the yellow gentian in the lexicon.

Our drinking suggestion

"Your genuine Herzstück piece of Tyrol" best releases its aroma when served in tulip-shaped brandy glasses at a drinking temperature of between 16 and 20°C!

Order online: Premium Gentian schnapps from Tyrol!


Interesting facts about Gentian

From the roots of particular Gentian types originate the world’s most bitter natural substance. Amarogentin is still recognizable even in diluted form of 1:58 million! On the Alpine high meadows many different varieties of Gentian flourish, because they are left in peace by grazing animals due to their bitter taste. In Germany, as well as in Austria, all Gentian types have been placed under protection and may not be picked or removed.

The plants needed for the production of spirits have thus to be cultivated and harvested as a special crop.

By the way, the Gentian flower is depicted on the Austrian 1 Euro cent coin.

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Your genuine piece of Tyrol


Since more than 100 years we at the Tyrolean herb liquer distillery have been creating genuine Tyrolean specialties with love and care. At the heart of this are agricultural traditions and the country which surrounds us. We distill only sun-ripened fruits, hand-picked herbs and roots and the finest Tyrolean mountain water into the finest 'Edelbrand' brandies and most delicious spirits.

The beloved glacier ice and all other Fire & Ice Liquers have long been recognized as classic spirits, ones to be found nowhere else. The original Tyrolean 'Jagatee' rum tea, the outstanding 'Farmer's Bitter' and the classic fruit schnapps are only some of our genuine Tyrolean originals. By purchasing from the Tirolean herbal liqueur distillery you are not only gaining an honest and genuine slice of Tirol. You are also helping agricultural societies and traditional methods to survive.

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