Fruit Schnapps

Fruit Schnapps

40 % Vol. 0.7 L

A sensual celebration!

We use only sun-ripened and hand-picked fruit from the Southern Tyrolean orchards in Vinschgau and the area around Tramin for this fruity and blissful schnapps.

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  • Alcohol content: 40 %
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Insider Tip

Store this fruit schnapps in a cool and dark place - that will preserve the natural aroma for a longer time.

About the Tyrolean Fruit Schnapps

Only sun-ripened and handpicked apples, William's stair pears, plums and apricots are processed for this exquisite fruit schnapps. The stylish blend of these fruit distillates makes a strong cuvée, distilled according to ancient Tyrolean distillation tradition. The fruity and fresh bouquet of this fruit schnapps convinces through its conclusive finish.

To gather interesting information on fruit schnapps have a look into the lexicon.

Tip for connoisseurs

The fine Tyrolean Fruit Schnapps best releases its intensive aroma when served in tulip-shaped brandy glasses at a drinking temperature of between 16 and 20°C!

Fruit schnaops online - Premium schnapps from Tyrol


What exactly is “Obstler”?

A fruit schnapps or brandy is categorised “Obstler” if it is made from the mash of two or more different fruit varieties, distilled together. Apart from the traditional composition of apple-pear (in some areas apple-pear-plum), the quest for new accents in aroma and taste developed a new range of blends from pip fruit with stone fruit and/or berry fruits. Cuvées from special and wild types with characteristic taste nuances present a broad spectrum for admirers of individual Schnapps types.


Obstler – “Stepchild of the Schnapps family”

When it comes to distilled fruit spirits (fruit schnapps or fruit brandy), opinions drift apart: the one tests its nose, the other considers the “Obstler” as top of the range: “This is schnapps as it ought to be, driven by experience and steered by tradition!” – and yet another one is of the opinion that today’s distilled fruit spirits have never been better. The result?? They are all right!


For, often “Obstler” were mere low-quality alcoholic beverages, e.g. from inferior fruits (windfalls left lying until one eventually found the time to distill schnapps from it). These disdainful kinds of schnapps with numerous blemishes were then served extremely cold and drank likewise.


“Refined Obstler” or “Obstcuvées in refined form” on the other hand, honor the name of the manufacturer in the distillery world. Such “Obstler”, i.e. distilled fruit schnapps or brandy spirits flourish thanks to the new wave of admiration and increasingly provide noble joy to connoisseur, as well as admirer – that is to say, when it meets the expectations of a high-class quality fruit brandy! Last but not least, from these “simple classics” arose the regional and variety-typical fruit specialties (e.g. apple and pear kinds with their specific aromas) to rise to the occasion expected of individual noble brandy masterpieces.


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Your genuine piece of Tyrol


Since more than 100 years we at the Tyrolean herb liquer distillery have been creating genuine Tyrolean specialties with love and care. At the heart of this are agricultural traditions and the country which surrounds us. We distill only sun-ripened fruits, hand-picked herbs and roots and the finest Tyrolean mountain water into the finest 'Edelbrand' brandies and most delicious spirits.

The beloved glacier ice and all other Fire & Ice Liquers have long been recognized as classic spirits, ones to be found nowhere else. The original Tyrolean 'Jagatee' rum tea, the outstanding 'Farmer's Bitter' and the classic fruit schnapps are only some of our genuine Tyrolean originals. By purchasing from the Tirolean herbal liqueur distillery you are not only gaining an honest and genuine slice of Tirol. You are also helping agricultural societies and traditional methods to survive.

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