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TIROLER KRÄUTERDESTILLERIE works with the highest safety standards to ensure that your personal details cannot be accessed by unauthorized parties. The transfer and storage of personal details, payment details and order information onto our server is protected by adequate security sytems.



TIROLER KRÄUTERDESTILLERIE uses a so-called SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security system for the transfer of data during the payment process. This technology provides the highest security and is also used by banks to ensure data protection for online banking. You will recognize that data is being transferred by code when you can see a key or lock symbol in the status bar at the bottom of your screen. You can find more detailed information about SSL at:


What can be the cause of a problem with SSL?

A common cause of a problem with SSL is when the transferred data is blocked by a firewall which does not permit SSL technology. It is likely that its configuration is missing a Security Proxy. Usually this is communicated through a dialog box informing you of the problem. To solve the problem please contact your network administrator.



TIROLER KRÄUTERDESTILLERIE online shop uses browser cookies to organize the whole ordering process and to distinguish your computer from others. Cookies are small alphanumerical data files which do not endanger your PC and are deleted after one day. When cookies are used together with SSL technology they are completely crypted and are therefore in accordance with the highest security standards.


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It is strictly forbidden for TIROLER KRÄUTERDESTILLERIE to pass on the personal data which you have provided to unathorized third parties. However, for the purpose of the credit investigation, a data exchange with a service provider may occur. You have control over all personal data which you make available to us online. It is possible to change the details of the data saved on our server at any time. You can verify the details of your personal data at any time. If you prefer not to receive advertisements per email, they will not be sent to you.


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Il vero Tirolo


Alla Tiroler Kräuterdestillerie produciamo per più di 100 anni liquori speciali tirolesi con amore e precisione. Le antiche tradizioni contadine e la natura che ci circondano sono al centro della nostra attenzione. Distilliamo per voi solo frutta maturata al sole, erbe raccolte a mano, radici e acqua purissima delle montagne del Tirolo trasformandoli in brandy finissimi e grappe prelibate.


Il liquore GletscherEis molto amato e tutti i liquori per il flambé sono da tempo dei classici; è impossibile trovarli altrove. L'originale Jagatee tirolese, l'ottimo amaro dei contadini e le grappe classiche alla frutta sono solo alcuni dei nostri prodotti veramente autentici del Tirolo. Acquistando alla Tiroler Kräuterdestillerie non otterrete solo un vero pezzo di Tirolo, ma sosterrete le strutture dei contadini e i tradizionali metodi di produzione.

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